10 Reasons Why CovidApp Is The World’s Most Promising Privacy-First Virus Tracing System.

“You can’t fight a virus if you don’t know where it is.” — World Health Organization director general, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

As the Corona virus keeps spreading around the world, governments are increasingly looking to use location data to manage COVID-19, while expanding nation-wide testing. Under immense pressure countries are forced to implement emergency measures deploying national virus tracking apps, which are often built overnight in a desperate attempt to flatten the curve. This raises massive security concerns and scepticism about their effectiveness among privacy advocates.

A few days ago Google and Apple announced a partnership launching their own tracking tools. One of the reasons for this joined effort is because it is technically very difficult to ensure iOS and Android devices can communicate with each other, which is key for contact tracing. Unfortunately they wont be ready to deploy this until mid May, which will be too late for most governments.

HypeLabs, a leading mesh networking provider with six years of experience in mesh network deployments, took advantage of their own technology to respond immediately to Covid-19 threats launching their virus tracking tool CovidApp.

It is not only an easy to use and a fast deployable tool, but also very secure technology with privacy in mind, interoperable with any existing virus tracking apps on the market. Covidapp not only supports selective quarantine to end lockdowns, but also helps to open up the economy earlier.

CovidApp — A privacy-first virus tracing system built on top of 6 years of experience and patented technology

CovidApp is a private and anonymous contact tracing system that detects physical proximities between smartphones and works in conjunction with hospitals and governments to inform users about their likelihood of a COVID-19 infection by identifying if they have crossed paths with someone who has already contracted the virus. This technology works even when the user runs out of mobile data and without access to internet connection. The uniqueness of this tracing app lies in using HyperLabs’ patented mobile mesh network technology. This software uses random ID numbers that do not require any database or private information of any individual.

Smartphones that have the app installed will be capable of exchanging Bluetooth and WiFi signals when the devices are within range of one another, even without internet or mobile data. Records of those encounters will be stored in the device for up to 14 days and subsequently sent to a central server. This information does not contain any private data, and will never be stored on HypeLabs servers.

If someone has tested positive for COVID-19, others that were in proximity contact with that person in the last 14 days (duration is a subject of government regulation) will be alerted to be tested or to initiate a preventive quarantine immediately. Web portals for both health and government officials allow authorized officials to distribute information to the end users, ranging from important announcements to health recommendations for the containment of the virus. Access to the health web portal is a subject of the local government regulations to protect the privacy of their citizens.

“It is important to emphasize that no one will ever see the users’ private information, Only the Unique Device ID is visible to government authorities. CovidApp can help cities and countries turn their economies back on as soon as possible.” — Carlos Lei, Co-Founder and CEO of HypeLabs.

The global CovidApp Anonymous System has Proven to Slow the Spread of the Coronavirus, Can Quickly Become the Tool to End Lockdowns

The system is ready for immediate deployment, can be white labeled. Hypelabs will provide their technology to all governments for free, in a global humanitarian attempt to fight Covid-19.

Here are 10 reasons why every government should consider using CovidApp or integrating HypeLabs technology into their existing Corona Apps to enable the ability of contact tracing.

  1. Private = Anonymous. Personal information is never collected on our servers. Every phone will receive a randomised unique ID.
  2. Easy to Integrate into any existing system or application. Hypelabs can integrate their SDK technology into any existing government deployed app within two minutes allowing the country to use contact tracing at no cost immediately.
  3. Inclusive offline — Our technology can distribute alerts offline to other nearby users who don’t have an internet connection. This facilitates the spread of accurate information even when a user is out of data and allows for continuous contact tracing even when offline.
  4. Successful Case Studies: The technology has been deployed in Latin America. Conversations for further deployment are happening across Europe, The US and the Middle East.
  5. Secure device management ID and authentication, the discovery process will only occur on devices that have the app.
  6. Supports interoperability between Android and iOS devices.
  7. The app can detect nearby devices even if the phone is locked or the app is running in the background, meaning it is not require any attention from the user.
  8. Unified and validated source of government information regarding the pandemic. Governments can use this as a direct message platform.
  9. Simple User experience: There is no user intervention required, which gives a seamless and simple user experience.
  10. It can be white labeled as the governments solution, it is ready for immediate deployment and could help your country to flatten the curve earlier

We can help your government today, to start contact tracing tomorrow.

*Important note: At Hypelabs, data collection is not our business. This is a humanitarian initiative in an attempt to share valuable knowledge that can provide significant support in flattening the curve. No data is ever stored on our servers, all code is donated and the country receives a free licence to use this technology in the global fight with Covid-19

For partnership requests, please reach out to ks@hypelabs.io

How does CovidApp Work?

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